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Català > 1 sentit de l'expressió genus bos:
NOManimalgenus bos, bos, Boswild and domestic cattle
Català > genus bos: 1 sentit > nom 1, animal
Sentitwild and domestic cattle; in some classifications placed in the subfamily Bovinae or tribe Bovini.
Sinònimsbos, Bos
Membre deBovidae, bòvidstrue antelopes
MembresBos primigenius, ur, uruslarge recently extinct long-horned European wild ox
bantengwild ox of the Malay Archipelago
bestiar boví, bestiar, Bos taurus, vacadomesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age
bos grunniens, Bos grunniens, iaclarge long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated
bouAn adult castrated bull of the genus Bos
bovíAny of various members of the genus Bos
cebú, zebúdomesticated ox having a humped back and long horns and a large dewlap
GeneralmamífersA genus of mammals
AnglèsBos, genus Bos
Espanyolbos, genus bos
AdjectiusbovíOf or relating to or belonging to the genus Bos (cattle)

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