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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula divisa:
NOMpossessiondivisa, monedathe metal or paper medium of exchange that is presently used
communicationdivisa, emblemaa visible symbol representing an abstract idea
communicationdivisa, eslògan, lemaa favorite saying of a sect or political group
Català > divisa: 3 sentits > nom 1, possession
SentitThe metal or paper medium of exchange that is presently used.
Específicdiner, diners, monedaThe official currency issued by a government or national bank
diners comptants, efectiumoney in the form of bills or coins
menuts, metàl·lic, xavallacoins collectively
paper monedacurrency issued by a government or central bank and consisting of printed paper that can circulate as a substitute for specie
Generalsistema monetariAnything that is generally accepted as a standard of value and a measure of wealth in a particular country or region
Espanyoldivisa, moneda
Català > divisa: 3 sentits > nom 2, communication
SentitA visible symbol representing an abstract idea.
Específicagnus dei, Agnus Deifigure of a lamb
bandera nacional, pavello nacionalAn emblem flown as a symbol of nationality
colom de la pauAn emblem of peace
creu gammada, esvàsticaThe official emblem of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich
cupidoA symbol for love / love in the form of a cherubic naked boy with wings and a bow and arrow
distintiu, medalla, placaAn emblem (a small piece of plastic or cloth or metal) that signifies your status (rank or membership or affiliation etc.)
estrella de David, Estrella de DavidA six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles
falç i martellThe emblem on the flag of the Soviet Union
fasces, feix roma, feix romàbundle of rods containing an axe with the blade protruding
lletra escarlataThe letter A in red
Generalsimbolització, símbolSomething visible that by association or convention represents something else that is invisible
Anglèsemblem, allegory
Espanyolalegoría, divisa, emblema, símbolo
Adjectiusal·legòricUsed in or characteristic of or containing allegory
emblemàtic, simbòlicServing as a visible symbol for something abstract
emblemàtic, exemplar, típicBeing or serving as an illustration of a type
Verbsal·legoritzarmake into an allegory
Català > divisa: 3 sentits > nom 3, communication
SentitA favorite saying of a sect or political group.
Sinònimseslògan, lema
Específiccrit de guerraA slogan used to rally support for a cause
mantraA commonly repeated word or phrase
Generaldita, expressió, locució, proverbi, refranyA word or phrase that particular people use in particular situations
Anglèsmotto, slogan, catchword, shibboleth
Espanyoldivisa, eslogan, eslógan, lema, mote, shibboleth

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